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H3 System is a promising company in the field of tele-healthcare which is the combination of various kinds of technologies; bio-sensors, telecommunication networks, diagnostic tools, application software, and so on. It can be said that it is not easy for a company to have all the technologies needed for tele-healthcare. H3 System, however, has them all!

Our strengths are planning and designing tele-healthcare solutions and integrating technologies for those solutions. We can provide not only the core networking technology and diagnostic tools but also other technologies, including sensors, thanks to our large outsourcing pool.



  • Market-driven solution development: We always focus on developing tele-healthcare services which are suitable for customers and current market status. Our current main solution is a convenient remote diabetes care system with a moderate price.
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  • Future technology research: Technology changes fast and we continue keeping up with the current technology trend. Our interest is especially on sensors, networks including WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Networks), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation-based diagnostics.

We aim to become a leading ubiquitous healthcare company. We are armed with fundamental technologies to achieve this goal and are continuously following up the future technologies. We are growing drastically and will grow to the top in the field. Keep watching us!

Min-joon, KIM - Company CEO

These apps have built-in gps monitoring features

CEO Message

H3 System is a leading company for human life in the medicalcommunity.
On the basis of "Human, Health and Home", every employee makes human life the first priority under the slogan, "A leading company in the medical community".

H3 System will become a leader in the digital world with our Ubiquuitous technology.
Ubiquuitous, in Latin, means 'a state of nature omnipresent everywhere.' H3 System will rise to the ranks of world-wide companies with the continual R&D in the health relevant section.

H3 System is at the head of the investment for the future.
Needless to say, it is important to make the right investment and preparation to maintain continuous development. Therefore, we have diversified products and made techniqual progress by introducing new technologies. In addition, we try to make every effort to make comforting work enviroment and to increase work efficiency by expanding walfare facilities for employees and training dispatch.

H3 System will lead the 21st century.
With the product diversification and cutting edge technologies, H3 System is now settling down its business in the domestic market and will speed pioneering into the overseas market. Every employee will do their best to make H3 System a company which always make preparations, designs the future and take the lead.

CEO Kim, Min-joon

Board of Directors

CEO / Kim, Min-joon
-> Ph.D., Dept. Physics, KAIST
-> Senior Researcher, ETRI
-> Cheif of R&D Center, Anysolution Co. Ltd.
-> Working on biosignal analysis and measurment

Director / Yun, Mi-Seon
-> B.S., Dept. Computer Science, Sogang Univ.
-> Researcher, KT
-> Director, Anysolution Co. Ltd.
-> Working on Software design and development

Director / Lim, Sung-Dae
-> B.E., Dept. Electronics Engineering, Kyungpook Nat. Univ.
-> Researcher, Daewoo Telecom
-> Chief of Business Department
-> Working on Technical Management

Director / Ryu, Jun-Oh
-> Engineering Pohang Univ.
-> Allmedicus Managing Director
-> Generalized Business part

Business Activities

Tele-healthcare Solution Providing Business

• Vitalsigns are measured at Anytime and Anywhere.
• Non-instrusive and non-constrained measurment and communication.
• Tele-medicine and tele-healthcare services are provided.

Measurment Devices Healthcare Gateway Software
Heart rate monitor Bluetooth HDP Data Collection Software
Activity monitor Internet Gateway Web Application Software
Bluetooth Adaptor GSM/GPRS Gateway Smartphone Application
CDMA Gateway Standard Implemented
Smartphone Gateway IEEE11073 PHD
Contiua WAN Interface

Consulting the establishment of standard Tele-Healthcare.

• Education & Consultation for Standardization
• Establishment agency for standardized measurement device, gateway and data collection serever.
• Merchandising & customizing standard libary.