CDMA Gateway


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–       Model  : H3G-650

–       Simple Spec

O Receive health data from devices such as blood pressure monitor, glucometer, and weight scale.

O Transmit them into a healthcare center through CDMA (Verizon) mobile network.

O Remote firmware upgrade

O Device interface : Bluetooth 2.1

O Communication network : CDMA (Verizon)

O Available devices

Lifescan’s OneTouch Ultra / Ultra 2 / mini with glucometer adapter (BA-110)

Bayer’s Contour with Glucometer adapter (BA-110)

A&D weight scale (UC-321PBT)

A&D blood pressure monitor (UC-767PBT)

ForaCare’s thermometer (FORA IR20b)

Beijing Choice’s pulse oximeter (MD300C318)

–       Sample  : $200


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