» Introduction

          ⇒ Continua Health Alliance( is a non-profit, open industry coalition of the finest healthcare and technology companies joining together in collaboration to improve the quality of personal healthcare. Continua is dedicated to establishing a system of interoperable personal health solutions with the knowledge that extending those solutions into the home fosters independence, empowers individuals and provides the opportunity for truly personalized health and wellness management.

          ⇒ H3 System joined in Continua and has worked with it steadily. Based on leading tele-healthcare standard technology or knowhow, H3 System has involved actively in many activites to extend it in the country and apply it to commercial personal health device,healthcare gateway or system.


  » Needs to Tele-healthcare IT Standard

          ⇒ Recently, tele-healthcare service and device market has expanded. So, healthcare providers have been devided and specialized into sensor/device, health gateway, data collecting server and PHR/EHR server part and then diverse products have been released.

          ⇒ To make interoperable tele-healthcare solution with the best product in each part and provide customer-oriented service timely, standardization of communication protocol and message format between products is needed.


  » Business Activities

          ⇒ Consulting

                    → IEEE-11073 PHD Specification, IHE PCD Specification consulting

                    → Continua Guidelines consulting

                    → Teach how to use Continua certification pre-test tool

                    → H3 System has consulting experience for many, big healthcare service providers or device vendors in the contry

          ⇒ Development of Standard based Systems

                    → Development of Standard based Agents/Devices

                           H3 System developed Bluetooth HDP, IEEE-11073 PHD based Glucometer for 'A' company in the country and passed Cotinua certification test, for the first of its kind in the world.

                               * Continua Certified Products

                           Development of simulated Standard Agent SW conforming to IEEE-11073 PHD spec

                    → Development of Standard based Manager/Gateways

                           H3 System developed Bluetooth HDP/IEEE-11073 PHD, IHE PCD-01 based Manager SW for PC(H3System Manager) and passed 2010 IHE Connectathon test. H3System participated with this product in 2010 HIMSS Asia-pacific Showcase

                               * IHE Integration Statement

                           Development of Bluetooth HDP/IEEE-11073 PHD spec. and IHE PCD-01 based Manager SW for Smart Phone

                    → Development of Standard based WAN Receiver

          ⇒ Provision of Standard SW Stack

                    → Provision of Agent/Manager SW Stack conforming to Continua guidelines and customization